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Dental team saves baby’s life

28th May 2012

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A dental team performed emergency CPR on a baby, saving his life after his heart stopped.

Staff at Richard Flanagan and Associates dental practice in Canterbury, Kent, were on hand when Agnes Wrodarczyk, 33, rushed in 10-month-old son Henry appeared to have a seizure and his breathing and heart had stopped.

She had already called 999 but rushed him to the dental practice for help in a panic.

Staff managed to resuscitate the 10-month-old and he has since made a full recovery.

Orthodontist Richard Flanagan said: ‘After about 30 compressions and approximately 45 seconds the baby just sprang to life. The eyes looked lively, the colour rushed back and it was just the most amazing feeling.

Mum, Agnes Wrodarczyk, said: ‘We are extremely grateful to staff at the dentist's and as far as we are concerned they saved Henry's life. When I saw him sitting up and reaching towards me it was the happiest day.'

Doctors believe the seizure, which happened on 19 April, may have been caused by a virus.

Practice manager Jo Williams said: 'The incident highlights the importance of regular cardiac resuscitation and other emergency procedures for the dental team especially as, in this instance, it was a member of the general public and not a patient who accessed the surgery, reflecting their reliance on dental professionals as appropriate individuals who should be competent in coping with medical emergencies.'


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